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HISTORY: Export-Import Credit Corporation “EICC” is a Florida based Corporation established in February of 2009. Experienced international Bankers own the stock with the majority of the stock owned and held by Luis E. Prieto Jr.; a seasoned international Banker from New York City. “EICC” to a great extent was born out of a response to the financial crisis of 2007, now known as the “Great Recession.” The crisis is now recognized as the worst crisis after the crash of 1929, as millions lost their jobs and government intervention was required. Notably, Bank regulators in an endeavor to vindicate themselves from allegations that lazed regulatory policy triggered the crisis, raised the bar on regulatory compliance to the extent that bank lending, both domestic and internationally came to a screeching halt.

Overnight facilities and other bank-to-bank credit arrangements were thus adversely impacted. Importers from Latin America were affected as they no longer had access to credit from their local Banks, as these Banks, in turn, could not to rely on bank-to-bank credit facilities from their U.S. correspondents that prevailed before the Great Recession. In synthesis, in one hand we had U.S. based exporting companies that were in need of export financing with little to no assistance from local U.S. Banks; while in the international arena, we had overseas buyers that required import financing with no access to credit from their local financial institutions. Trade finance was thus adversely impacted during a time where negative rates of interest drove the economy and depreciating U.S. dollar vis-a-vis other hard currencies.

Export-Import Credit Corporation was thus created to serve as a financing vehicle that would cater to local U.S. exporting companies as well as overseas importers that needed import financing. So, if you are a U.S. based exporting company that is in need of export financing (pre and port export), “EICC” can help. If you are an overseas importer that is in need of import financing (short, medium term & project finance), “EICC” can help.

FUNDING: Export-Import Credit Corp. works with various financial institutions that are looking to grow their portfolio with minimal risk. These financial institutions are for the most part multi-billion regional Banks and Finance Companies that understand Export-Import Financing and are part of the network of member banks that comprises the linkage to the Export-Import Bank of the U.S.A. (EX-IM Bank). Funding for “EICC” as such is not an issue as these financial institutions are replete with cash and looking to grow their portfolio and maximize return on assets by placing their money where there is little to no risk. It is important to note that “EICC” works with Export Credit Agencies, (ECAs) from both the private and public sectors.  These ECAs insure the Lenders against both commercial and political risk.  So, whether it is a $50,000.00 loan for a small trading company in Houston, Texas, or a $50.0MM low-cost housing project in the Dominican Republic, “EICC” can avail itself to millions of dollars for trade finance and arrange for the financing.

EXPORT-IMPORT BANK OF THE U.S.A.: This U.S. Government federal Institution was created in 1934 as the U.S. vehicle to promote the export of U.S.A. product. Exim-Bank is not a commercial bank per se, and nor does the Institution actually lend money. Exim-Bank, for the most part, operates as an ECA from the public sector.  For more information on Exim-Bank, please refer to www.exim.gov.

EXPORT-IMPORT CREDIT CORPORATION: “EICC” is a full-service consultancy firm. Since its inception is 2009 and acting primarily as a loan intermediator, the company has over the years morphed into a full-service consulting firm offering a vast array of services to exporters located in the U.S. and overseas companies operating out of Latin America.

PRODUCTS:  Export-Import Credit Corporation offers an array of products, including but not limited to loan intermediation, structured trade, cash optimization, financial re-engineering, collections and restructuring, supply chain financing, factoring, contract negotiation, and project financing.

TARGET MARKET: Export-Import Credit Corporation is actively calling on exporters in Texas (Houston & San Antonio) and South Florida. The company also caters to importers in Mexico, Central, and South America. The company counts with Representatives in the designated areas, and the Reps are for the most part ex-international bankers as well.